Eleven Bananas

We are on day two of rainrainrain,and becoming just a little cabin feverish. The weekend, though, was glorious. Blue skies and the bright bright pink of early ume blossom.

Saturday afternoon, banana bread in mind (I’ve been making this one – sugar-free, wholegrain, vegan and altogether more tasty than that might imply – of late) we set off for our local veg shop, battle over hat and mittens happily avoidable.

Walking with the toddler is a stop-start affair, journey peppered with treasures to find and dogs to chase, a five minute walk becoming a half  hour adventure.

Destination eventually reached and suitably brown bananas chosen, my outstretched wallet was met with a muttered “service, service” as the shop owner glanced up and down the street (looking out, I imagined, for envious onlookers) and stuffed two bunches of bananas in a plastic bag, sending us on our way with yen unspent

Several were destined straight for the bin, having crossed over from the dark-and-delicious side to the stinky-and-fermenting side, but still there were enough for a loaf of banana bread and milkshakes all round.

I shop all too often in one or another of our nearby supermarkets – cheap, quick, easy. Rarely, though, do I regret the extra effort – three shops instead of one, a bus ride here and there – spent  going instead to our town’s independent shops. The health food store with the freshest organic eggs and the owner who asks after the toddler, the community produce shop with daily deliveries of vegetables from a neighbouring prefecture, the tiny macrobiotic shop and cafe with treat-day hummus rolls and blueberry muffins. And a vegetable shop whose owner gave us eleven brown bananas, despite us only having shopped there once before.

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