‘Tis the Season (yes, it’s a cherry blossom post)

Just getting in before a whole month has lapsed between posts, here is my contribution to the 8712303 sakura posts hitting the internet this week. I had intended to post a couple of weeks ago, when the first hint of blossom was emerging on the trees nearest home, but 24 hours of rain, followed by three solid days of sunshine, and in under a week this:

was looking rather more like this:

Having missed most of last year’s sakura, arriving back in Tokyo from our post-quake trip to the UK at the tail end of the blossoming period, I was determined to make the most of it this time. While our new city can’t hold a candle to the beauty of our old neighbourhood’s Meguro river (shoottokyo.com‘s fantastic photos are making me Tokyohomesick all over again) there were plenty of candyfloss clouds dotting the sky.

Our modest hanami took place on a Thursday, in one of the more famous local spots, blossoms not yet fully bloomed, and happily free of the crowds present when we returned to meet friends the following weekend.

Now, a week later, the green on the trees is catching up with the pink, and each gust of wind adds to the confetti-like carpet of petals underfoot.

This is the first year in which I’ve appreciated the ume blossom perhaps more than the sakura, but I love the excitement surrounding their blooming, and there is something undeniably special about these short-lived, fragile blooms. I’m glad I didn’t miss them this time.