More Dancing!

Last week was the much-anticipated Golden Week here in Japan, and after altogether too much rain at the beginning came a weekend of glorious sunshine, perfect summer days in Spring.

There was a popular festival held here over two of the days, a Very Big Deal, attended by millions of spectators, ourselves included. As with any good festival, there were food stalls aplenty, with sizzling yakitori and okonomiyaki, tiny toffee apples and giant bags of candy floss for those with sweeter teeth.

The main event was a parade lasting several hours. Finishing long past toddler tea-time as it did, we saw but a fraction, toddler riding high on Daddy’s shoulders. We stood at the very end of the route, watching band upon band marching the last few metres, clearly exhausted but (mostly) still all smiles.

The traditional dancers that followed were lovely, and the toddler was captivated, each mention of heading home  greeted with a cry of “more dancing!”

The next big festival here is in the summer, when it will be hot and humid and hard to move at all, and there will be more dancing, and shaved ice (I hope), and we will stand and watch, again.

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