Thirty-one: Drink

I taught a class at a local juku (cram school) this evening, and I was leaving the head teacher gave me these. Red Bull is forever tied in my mind to the school summer holiday I spent getting blisters working at a factory called Blisters (really). Working (and singing Blink 182 songs, which is kind of embarrassing to remember) alongside one of my very very best friends, my job was to use a small wooden stick to assemble (‘dib’) the cardboard packaging for four-packs of the drink. Whenever a package came undone, sending the cans rolling onto the floor, the foreman would shout “someone’s dobbing not dibbing!” and we would giggle. I hated that job more than any other I’ve done, but that memory is more than worth it (even the Blink 182 bit).


*Edited to add: I kind of hate Red Bull.


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