Thirty-four: Setsubun

We went to the local Shrine for their Setsubun (the holiday marking the end of winter/beginning of spring) festival. The main event was the mamemaki, bean throwing, but there was also hot amazake and a kendo display. The last time we went to a similar event was four years ago in Tokyo, on a cold, snowy, decidedly un-springlike day. This year, though, it was warm enough to believe that winter really was ending.



Thirty: Plum

Plum blossom is one of my very favourite things, and if the Spring-like weather of the last few days continue (no coat/gloves/hat! No freezing in the park while the toddler plays!) it won’t be long until this tree  fully blooms.



Thirteen: Noodles

Curry udon for Sunday tea. This was my first attempt at a not-terribly-authentic Japanese style curry, made with a roux base. I’ve never tried the curry roux blocks, so I’m not sure how close it came, but it was a pretty good end to the weekend.

Posting this and the previous two posts late, due to my exciting weekend schedule (read: falling asleep at 8:30 while putting the toddler to bed).